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Best Bird Links!!

This page will allow you to jump to some of the most informative locations I've found relating to the care and breeding of button quail. Many are written by reputable bird breeders and avian veterinarians. These sites range from pages that are Button-specific to general bird issues. Whatever topic you are seeking information on, I hope you will find this collection useful as well as interesting.


GreyLady Button Quail + Co.: "This webpage is dedicated to those 'cute as a button' birds who have captivated me and many others..."

http://chinesepaintedquail.co.uk: A very well-written and informative site from the UK!

Bracken Ridge Ranch, A wonderful site, includes sections on: Natural History of Button Quail, Button Quail Color Index, Hatching Instructions, and Care of Newly Hatched Button Quail Chicks.

Garrie Landry's Button Quail Pages. Super-informative, and the most extensive information on the various mutations of Buttons on the Internet! You can also purchase Garrie's excellent book!

"That Quail Place" Information regarding the general care, breeding, incubating, brooding and raising of quail and game birds.

Buy Dr. Leland B. Hayes' Book, The Chinese Painted Quail, "The Button Quail", Their Breeding and Care. An indispensable resource for any Button Quail owner!

The Button Quail Memorial Page A place to remember our dearest buttons who have passed on. Thank you Tania and Justin!

Subscribe to the Original Quail Mailing List! A discussion list for owners, breeders, or just lovers of Button (Chinese Painted) Quail and others. A source of information such as breeding, eggs and birds for sale, and general quail care, plus the sharing of personal experiences and stories regarding these lovely little birds.

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TopFlight Mealworms Buttons love Mealworms, and TopFlight has great prices. I'll post a review after I've received my first order!

PetsofAustralia.com.au Bird Supplies Australian online pet store, selling bird products, supplies and foods, and products for your other pets as well!

OvaBid.com, a new auction site for "Hatch-a-Holics"

Doctors Foster & Smith: A wide selection of bird feeds and supplements; great prices.

"That Pet Place" The best buy I have found on Vita-Flight bird vitamins.

Cuttlebone Plus: Many fine bird products, including exceptional values on spray millet in bulk and "Bug-n-Berries" insect food.

FuturePet.com: Sells "Pet-Cal" calcium supplements by Smith-Kline-Beecham. I feed my females Pet-Cal tablets crushed with their grit to assist in healthy egg shell production.

Grubco.com Great Prices on large quantities of mealworms for your buttons!

PetSolutions.com: Your online source for bird supplies at low discount prices.

Kemp's Koops Online Poultry Supply Store.

Critters.com Pet memorials online, rainbow bridge poem, and other resources to help during this painful loss.


Lists of Safe and Toxic Woods and Trees. For lists of Plants, see below.

AvianWeb Online

The HotSpot for Birds has some excellent articles. These are a few of my favorites:

Nutrition: Foundation for a Healthy Bird by Susan Schwab, D.V.M.

Dealing with Vitamin A Deficiency by Hannis L. Stoddard III, D.V.M.

Avian Health Care Tips by Barton C. Huber, D.V.M.

Safe Plants for Birds


https://www.somerzby.com.au/ Somerzby is the home of innovative stylish pet products. We supply pet enclosures and accessories that make your petís life better as well as your own. With Somerzby, your pets will have a heavenly haven because all our products have been designed to include essential features such as comfort, ventilation, space and protection.

www.coopsandcages.com.au/ Coops And Cages™ provides quality pet housing products for loving homes.

Day old Chickens and Ducklings for sale at californiahatchery.com, safely shipping poultry anywhere in the United States!

CotswoldChickens.com We are a UK based company specialising in chickens, chicken houses, feed and all things required to keep healthy happy hens.

http://www.gulliver-poultry.co.uk/ We are specialist goose breeders in the UK with over 20 years experience in breeding geese and as suppliers of goslings.

http://www.theparrotstore.com Your one stop Bird Shop for name brand products at discount prices.

Find information on bird cages, large bird cages and bird cage maintenance at Bird cages.

Find information on chicken coop and chicken coop plans for your DIY projects at Chicken coop.

Finch Factory in sunny Southern California. American and Euro zebra finches, button quail and button eggs.

ForFarmers.com is a marketplace for buying and selling various breeds of poultry like chickens, ducks, geese, game birds, turkeys. The site also includes livestock equipment, equine jobs and news headlines from around the world.

Allandoo Pheasantry Breeders of ornamental and rare pheasants in Southwest Scotland.

Singing Wings Aviary, in London Arkansas. Quails, finches and much more!

Chicken House: One stop poultry shop for the sale and purchase of chicken equipment and poultry housing equipment.

NatureForm Hatchery Systems is one of the leading and most respected suppliers of chicken and poultry egg incubators.

Vet Tech Degree Complete guide for new Veterinary students to find the right school program to fit their needs. Choose from a list of campus and Online Schools.

Gardening and Wild Bird Links We all love our wild outdoor birds as well, and outdoor birds love a nice garden, so in order to accommodate my "growing" collection of gardening links, here are a few you might find helpful:

Birdzilla.com Gardening for Birds - Create a garden birds will love!

Plants that attract Birds at WildBirds.com

List of Plants that are toxic to pets in general

Wild Bird Food - Wild Bird Seed - Garden Bird Food - Garden Bird Seed - Bird Special Offers British bird food Shop in Hampshire UK supplies wild bird food, wild bird seed, garden bird food and garden bird seed for your birds. Along with bird special offers, bird seed and bird food we stock includes sunflower hearts, sunflower seeds, mealworms, suet balls, suet pellets, fat balls for birds, seed mixes, niger seeds, premium peanuts, live foods. Also we supply bird feeders and bird feeding accessories like bird seed feeders, bird table, bird water bath and nest box for birds.

Winter Care for Garden Birds Don't forget to provide for your wild feathered friends during the harsh winter months.


www.petrescue.com.au/ Pet Rescue is a non-profit organization that helps rescue pets from shelters and find adopting homes for them.

If you have a favorite bird page that's not listed here, e-mail butonquail and I'll check it out!

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