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United States


Location:Phoenix, AZ
Selling:Adult and Eggs
Mutations:All different
Shipping:Not currently
Selling:Eggs and adult birds
Mutations:Specialize in Cinnamon Red Breasted. Also, Red Breasted, Silver Red Breasted,Cinn, Fawn, Silver Pearl Golden Pearl, Whites.
Shipping:Will ship eggs only year around, Max 50 per shipment; pickup only for adults and chicks.


Name:Jim G.
Location:Redwood City, California
Phone:(650) 743-4204
Selling:Eggs and adult buttons
Shipping:Pick-up in Redwood City California
Notes:Aviculturist for over 40 years, My Buttons are colony bred in a spacious outside huge pen with plants & grass. Some are naturally hatched and some
Name:Tracy Markham
Location:Fallbrook,CA (San Diego county)
Mutations:Traditional, white, and 4 other color varieties.
Name:Tommy Truong
Location:Southern California
Website:~ Tommy's Pet Paradise ~ : "Home of the Rare and Exotics"
Phone:(619) 321-9634
Selling:Eggs, Chicks, Juveniles, and Adults of the Chinese Painted "Button" Quails. Also selling Rare & Native Quails such as the California Valley Quail, Gambel's Quail, Northern Bobwhites, White Bobwhites, Georgia Giants, Mountain Quail and Japanese "Coturnix" Quails - From Quality Lines, Various Gamebirds, Small Birds, Red Junglefowls (Quality Wild-Strains), American Onagadori (World's Longest Tail Chicken), Champion Malaysian Serama: Class A's & B's (World's Smallest Chicken), Bantam Phoenix (Show Quality), Bantam Old English & Modern Game (Show Quality) and Fancy Pheasants (Red Goldens, Yellow Goldens, Reeves, Pure Silvers, Lady Amhersts, etc. - From Quality Lines).
Mutations:Please check for availability
Shipping:Anywhere in the U.S. via USPS Express Mail (Usually Overnight). Please visit webpage for further details.
Notes:Hobby Breeder and Preservationist of the Birds / Fowls listed above. Most of the breeding stock are selected from well known breeders to obtain "desirable" traits and to prevent inbreeding.
Name:Mark LeBaron
Location:4721 North Ct., San Diego, CA 92116
Selling:Hatching Eggs, Young and Adults
Mutations:Varied - Please check for availability
Shipping:Southern California pickup or delivery; live quail shipping available, please inquire.
Notes:Button Quail, Gambel Quail adults and youngsters available, along with hatching eggs. I raise European Button Quail as well. Both from Germany and England. Both are famous for the unique 'Tuxedo' pieds and other outstanding colors not common here in the U.S. available, along with hatching eggs. All first class condition. Raised in a private, secure, clean, and healthy environment, my quail are raised under full spectrum and natural lighting enabling me to sell year round. Perfect indoors or out, in aviaries or cages. (My birds have been given the D.S.A. rating).
Name:Jodi McDonald - Bracken Ridge Ranch
Location:Grass Valley, CA
Notes:Bracken Ridge Ranch has been raising Button Quail and selling their hatching eggs for over 27 years. They also sell cages that are designed specifically for Button Quail. They operate a closed facility for the health and safety of their birds. They do not ship live birds.

My 276 page book : "A Closer Look at Button Quail." is in print and available through my website and through

Location:San Diego, CA
Selling:Babies at least 6 weeks
Mutations:Check for availablity
Shipping:Not at this time
Name:Lewis Escamilla - Feather Farm Aviaries
Location:Central Valley/Fresno/Clovis area
Website:Feather Farm Aviaries
Selling:Eggs and adult birds
Mutations:normals, silvers, fawns, blue face, red breast, silver red breast, golden pearls, golden red breast
Shipping:We do not ship adult birds; you must pick them up. We will ship eggs only if we have many extra.
Location:Southern California
Selling:Button Eggs and adult birds, Pheasants, and Ringneck doves.
Mutations:Check for Availability.
Shipping:only within the continental USA; I must have permission for USPS before I can ship. They reserve the space on the plane for the birds. *And only when weather permits!
Name:Sheila Gordon
Location:Palm Springs, California
Selling:Button Eggs and Adult Birds.
Name:Pete Stohr
Location:San Gabriel Valley, CA
Selling:Button Quail & Fertile Eggs
Mutations:Most Varieties, Inquire
Shipping:Year Round, USPS Priority
Notes:Local Delivery Possible. Quantity Discounts & Trades Considered
Location:Southern California
Selling:Adult birds and fertile eggs.
Mutations:ALL (check for availability)
Shipping:Pick-up only for live birds.


Name:Jay Alicea
Location:Naugatuck, CT
Selling:Button Quail & Fertile Eggs, also Blue Scale, Cortunix, and Bobwhites
Mutations:Many Varieties, Inquire
Shipping:Possibly, Inquire
Notes:Local Delivery Possible
Name:Cynthia Wagner
Location:Bozrah, CT
Selling:Button Quail & Silkie Chickens
Mutations:Slate, Slate Splashed, White, {Parents imported from Europe}, White Splashed, Silver.
Shipping:Please Inquire


Name:Jennifer - Florida Button Quail
Location:Gainesville, FL
Website:Florida Button Quail
Selling:Adult button quail and eggs, sometimes jumbo coturnix quail and eggs as well
Mutations:A variety including: normal, pearl, white, silver, tuxedo, cinnamon, red breasted etc.
Shipping:Will ship eggs when I have extra available; Adult birds are pickup only
Name:Paradise Cove Hatchery
Location:Royal Palm Beach, FL
Selling:Button quail and hatching eggs. Many color mutations available. Occasionally offering Coturnix quail as well in lots of colors.
Shipping:Will ship hatching eggs only. Chicks are pickup, will not ship live birds.
Name:Gregg L. Friedman MD Farms
Location:2500 East Hallandale Beach Blvd, Suite 702, Hallandale Beach, Florida, 33009
Selling:We specialize in Button Quail, selling chicks, adults, and fertilized eggs
Name:Charlie Plaza
Location:Orlando, FL
Selling:I always have Adult Chinese Blue Breasted Quails available for sale. $6.00 per bird or $10.00 per pair. I also have various type of Finches including Gouldians, Shaftails, Owl Finches and others. I also have some Grass Parakeets, Parrotlets, Conures, and Canaries.
Mutations:Wilds, Red Breasted, Silvers, White, Blue Faced, Cinnamon, Pieds including Splash and Tuxedos.
Shipping:I will ship only within the continental USA (Live birds or Fresh Fertile Hatching Eggs) except Hawaii or Alaska. That is if the P.O. is willing to deliver to your address.
Name:Alexandra Douglas
Location:Southwest Florida
Website:Stellar Gamebirds, Poultry, Waterfowl
Selling:Button Quail Fertile Eggs and Adults, bobwhite quail fertile eggs and chicks/adults, Coturnix fertile eggs as well as chicks and adults available, duck fertile eggs, Silkie Bantam fertile eggs and chicks, Cochin Bantam fertile eggs and chicks, Maran chicken fertile eggs
Mutations:Many Varieties, Inquire
Shipping:I ship to all states except Hawaii and Alaska... no shipping abroad
Notes:Local Delivery Possible
Name:Debby Tillery
Location:Sebring, FL 33875
Selling:I have 50 new babies as of July 2009. I will have fertile eggs at a later date.
Shipping:Don't really want to ship live animals. Will deliver 200 mile radius if quantities purchased..
Name:Gordon L. Davis, Citrus Grove Aviary
Location:Lake Placid, Florida, USA
Selling:Eggs and Adult Buttons
Mutations:Dominant: Normal, Blue Face, Golden Pearl, Silver Pearl
Recessive: Red Breasted, Cinnamon, Silver, and White Splashed Pieds
Shipping:Ship by US Postal in the US
Notes:Buttons are great in the aviary. They relate very well with other birds, are very healthy, and great to help keep the aviary clean and free of invading insects.
Name:Christine Darcy - Lilioak Aviaries
Website:Lilioak Aviaries
Selling:Currently eggs only, but we will be dealing in adult birds soon.


Name:Cindy, Champion Hatchery
Location:Shady Dale GA 31085
Selling:Chinese Button Quail, Jumbo Brown Coturnix Pharaoh Quail, Italian Speckled Coturnix Pharaoh Quail, Texas A&M Quail, Tibetan Tuxedo Quail, Georgia Giant Bob White Quail, Tennessee Red Quail, Mexican Speckled Quail, Gamble Quail, etc...


Name:Dann Perrin
Location:Hawaii, USA
Selling:Eggs and adult buttons
Shipping:Will ship eggs within Hawaii; does not ship live birds
Notes:Involved in aviculture for over 30 years, published author, photographer of wildlife in Amazonia, founder and director of several avicultural/environmental organizations.


Name:REEVES AVIARIES, Dan Reeves, Owner
Location:Downs, Illinois
Selling:Adult and Young Button Chicks. No eggs at this time, unless you live close enough to pick them up.
Mutations:Normal, Silver, Red Breasted, and Blue Faced
Shipping:We do not offer shipping at this time, but we are currently checking into this possibility. We do offer pick up here at the Aviaries though. And may arrange for a delivery closer to your area, if you are a reasonable distance from us to help on your drive time. Contact us for more info on this service.
Notes:We also have Diamond Doves, Zebra Finches, Pharoah Quail, White Cochin Bantams, and a variety of other birds. Contact us for a full price list and brochure.
Name:Kristi Griffin
Location:NW Illinois
Selling:Currently ship only eggs, but will be selling excess breeding males in spring of 2003.
Mutations:Currently offer silver varieties, golden pearl, normal, and fawns. In the spring of 2003 we will offer every color plus a few unique color mutations.
Shipping:I will ship eggs anywhere in the US, we will not have adult birds available until the spring- which we will also ship across the US.
Notes:Birds are housed on wire in pairs.


Name:Johnny C. G. Smith
Location:Alexandria, IN 46001
Selling:Fresh, fertile button quail eggs
Shipping:Will ship eggs by Priority Mail in the US only.
Mutations:Red and Blue Breasted mostly however serval varieties from several sources
Name:Joan Pulliam
Shipping:Within the US, excluding Hawaii and Alaska



Name:Ty Allen
Location:Berea, Kentucky
Selling:silver, tuxedo, cinnamon, and red breasted
Name:Carol Bates
Selling:Fresh, fertile button quail eggs
Mutations:Many varieties from several sources
Shipping:Will ship eggs by Priority Mail in the US only
Notes:Please view my auctions on,, or My seller name is bigkyfamily. You may also email me if you are interested in purchasing button quail eggs.


Name:Cue Burton
Location:Louisiana (Gueydan)
Mutations:Silvers, White, Tuxedos, Red Breast, Cinnamon Red Breast, Golden Pearl, Blue Faced, Grey Cinnamon Red Breast, Normals. I have a project to get normals to breed true and Doing Red Breast to get the Darth Vader to breed true.
Selling:Shipping eggs year round. Chicks and adults pickup only.
Name:Donnie Page
Location:Grand Isle, LA
Selling:Eggs and Adult Birds
Mutations:Silver, silver red breasted, red breasted, blue face, pear, golden pearl, white, normal, rusty nail, darth vader and a few others


Name:Kelsie Beaulieu
Location:Lyman, Maine (near Portland)
Website:Painted Button Aviary
Selling:button quail chicks, fertile eggs and sometimes young adults
Mutations:silver, red breasted, normal wild type
Shipping:local deliveries and pick up only
Notes:I'm a small scale breeder, my buttons are also my pets. they come from different breeders and are unrelated.


Name:Braxton Griffith
Selling:Eggs, Chicks, Juveniles, and Adults of the Chinese Painted "Button" Quails. (colors include: silver, cinnamon, and red breasted) Chickens: Ameraucana in Wheaton and Blue Wheaton (blue egg layers), Wyandottes (Blue Laced Reds, Splash), Mille Fleur d'ulce, Black and Wheaton Rose Comb, Bantam Cochins (colors include: Mille Fleur, Black Mottled, Blue Mottled, Black), Buff Orpington.
Mutations:Please check for availability
Shipping:Local pick-up/delivery or ship within the United States
Notes:Our breeding stock is developed on our farm or is selected from well known breeders to obtain "desirable" traits and to prevent inbreeding.


Name:Ren Naylor, New England Button Quail
Location:Maynard, MA
Mutations:Specialize in Pearl, Tuxedo, Cinnamon Tuxedo, Blue Faced, White, Splash, and Silver.
Shipping:I will ship eggs, but not babies and adults: those need to be picked up.
Notes:My tiny birds are spoiled and kept indoors til 4 weeks, then outdoors in beautiful accommodations. They are accustomed to dogs and cats (although they are kept safely away from them).
Name:Tammie Cappuccio, C Spot Farm
Location:Franklin, MA 02038
Mutations:Colony breeding of all colors
Name:Nicole Frascone - Colies' Quail
Location:Northern Massachusetts (Haverhill)
Selling:At this time i am offering young chicks and fertile hatching eggs. Special orders can be made and i will hatch a clutch of specified colors (if available).
Mutations:Please inquire as to Buttons. I also anticipate having tuxedo in the near future.
Shipping:I will not ship! local pickup only.
Notes:I am SMALL scale - hobby - breeder. All my birds are pets and well cared inbreeding as they all come from different stock. Very social and accustomed to children, noise and cats (housed indoors)


Name:Crystal Brooks, "Quail in the Dale"
Location:Grand Rapids, MI
Phone:616 889 2284
Selling:beautiful healthy Button Quail, Coturnix Quail & Valley Quail
Always available eggs and live birds.
Shipping:available in the continental USA
Notes:All my birds are raised in a wonderful, clean, healthy environments.
Name:Benham's Family Exotics
Location:1065 Olin Lakes Dr., Sparta, MI 49345
Selling:Eggs, adult and babies available
Mutations:I have normal, silver, silver pearl, red breasted, silver-red breasted, slate, blue-faced, silver-blue-faced, & pied.
Shipping:Shipping available $99.00 to USA states only; Also shipping through USPS available for $25.00-$45.00; Crate $10.00 each
Name:Terry Wildschut
Location:Zeeland Mi
Website:don't have one right now
Selling:button quail birds and eggs
Mutations:a lot of them, many colors
Shipping:depending on where you live
Name:Jim Heffernan
Location:Inkster Michigan
Mutations:all mutations and combos available in the USA including pied
Shipping:available when weather permitting.
Name:Aaron Matuja
Location:Casco, MI
Mutations:normal, silver, silver pearl, redbreasted, silver-redbreasted, slate, cinnamon-redbreasted, blue-faced, silver-blue-faced, pied, white and more...


Name:Peggy Mueller
Location:Minneapolis area
Selling:Hatching Eggs, Adult and Chicks, Layers and Cocks
Types:Button Quail, Coturnix Quail, and Snowflake Quail
Shipping:Will ship eggs anywhere in the continental USA.
Name:Country Egg
Location:Central Minnesota
Fax line:320.294.5647
Selling:Hatching Eggs.
Types:Button Quail, Coturnix Quail, and Wild Game Quail.
Shipping:Will ship eggs insured Priority Mail in USA.

New Hampshire

Name:Tony Tirone
Location:69 Alison Dr.,Seabrook, NH 03874
Phone:603-394-7480 before 9:30 pm EST
Selling:Button quail eggs and adults, ornamental pheasants and a few breeds of partridge.

New Jersey

Name:Vic Gubitosa
Location:5 Forest Street, West Long Branch, NJ 07764-1515
Website:Gubitosa's Game Bird Supplies
Selling:Adult Breeders, Chicks, and Hatching Eggs. Incubators, Brooders, Cages, Feed, and Supplements
Notes:I have been raising Buttons, as well as other varieties of quail for 18 years.
Name:Kara - "Fatted Fowl"
Location:Howell NJ
Website:coming soon
Phone:email me
Selling:Pharoah quails and eggs. Availibility is in the spring/summer seasons only.
Mutations:ALL (check for availability).
Shipping:We do not ship adult birds; you must pick them up. Eggs are shipped via priority mail and are carefully bubble wrapped. Put in your order ahead of time for eggs so I can hold them aside for you.

New York

Name:Micro-Seramas Nick
Location:Suffolk County Long Island New York
Selling:Button Quail Eggs, Chicks & Adults
Shipping:Continental US
Notes:Breeder of Fishers Lovebirds, Call Ducks and Serama Chickens
Name:Amanda Weiss - Ivory Gryphon Aviary
Location:Albany, New York
Selling:eggs & young adult birds
Mutations:cinnamon & its hybrids
Shipping:depending on your location; local pickup preferred
Notes:I've been a hobby breeder of buttons for around eight years now, focusing on improving the color, conformation, and temperment of different color hybrids.

North Carolina

Name:Manny Garcia
Location:North Carolina
Selling:Button Quail, Hatching Eggs/ Chickens, and their Hatching Eggs
Mutations:Normals, Splash, Silver Slate, Darth Vader
Shipping:$8.00 for shipping eggs/ $30.00 for Shipping of live Button Quails
Name:Natasha Stark
Location:Asheville, NC
Selling:Eggs and Adult birds
Mutations:Cinnamon, White, Splash, Silver, Blue Face, Red Breasted, Golden Pearl, Pied
Shipping:USPS, overnight for live birds and to US only, 2-3 days for eggs and to N America + Europe, you pay shipping.
Notes:Located in NC, I have a small aviary were i keep buttons + parakeets together. All birds are social, good mannered and somewhat tame. Reservations can be made for birds.


Name:Keith Caserta, KC Kennels
Location:Dayton, Ohio
Selling:Eggs and Adult Birds (six weeks and older)
Mutations:All mutations, working on some new ones
Shipping:I ship adult birds anywhere in the Continental U.S. and eggs to all States and U.S. territories.
Notes:I have been raising button quail for over 8 years and have all of the major named mutations plus some unique birds. I am hoping to develop a heavilly feather legged button quail with the help of Mary Foster from some lightly feather legged chicks. I also raise 5 color types of corturnix quail, blue scale quail, Gambles quail, Valley quail, and 3 color types of bobwhite as well as other birds.
Name:David Obringer, Red Barn Acres
Location:Mendon, Ohio (Mercer County)
Phone:419-305-5943, 419-363-3289
Selling:Adult Birds and Hatching Eggs
Mutations:Silver, Red Breasted, White, Splashes on occasion, for other mutations please call for availability or write us an email.
Shipping:Ship adults and eggs, or may arrange for pick-up.
Notes:We have been in the business for about 5 years now with button quail and have been breeding birds for over 20 years. The prices are $4.50 for button quail and $3.50 for a dozen eggs. We also have a selection of other birds such as Jumbo white Pharaoh Quail which also make great pets, we also sell their eggs. We have Pheasants, Bobwhite quail, Chuckars, Guineas (now they are some interesting birds), Show champion bloodline white bantam leghorn chickens, and the occasional waterfowl.
Name:Cody Mazanek
Location:Rootstown Ohio
e mail:
Selling:adults and eggs
Mutations:red breasted buttons, and ringneck doves
Shipping:I only ship eggs, adults can be picked up at breeders location, or I can do local deliveries.
Name:Anton Hash - Hillview Exotics
Location:16405 Twp rd 388, Frazeysburg, Oh. 43822
Selling:All colors birds and eggs


Name:Charlene Mofford
Location:Aloha, OR 97007
Selling:Hatching Eggs, Young and Adults
Mutations:Most Mutations available in the states; please check for availability
Shipping:Ships from Aloha, OR. We ship both live birds and hatching eggs per availability. Live birds are shipped at cost of Express Mail via USPS when weather is permitting on both ends.
Notes:We raise Chinese Blue Breasted Quail (Aka Button Quail) as well as a few species of other quail and game birds. The buttons we have include most of the mutations available in the USA including the European colors such as Tuxedo. We do ship live birds as well as hatching eggs per availability. Local pickup is a welcome option! Our breeding pairs are individually caged and bred for confirmation and color.

Name:Rosi's Quail Farm
Location:P.O. Box 10 Powers, Oregon 97466
Selling:Fertile Eggs


Location:Mountain Top, PA
Mutations:Natural(Blue Breasted), Red Breasted(Black phase), White, Cinnamon, Silver, Blue Faced and Golden Pearl
Shipping:Shipping is available when seasonal temperatures are within range to ensure safe delivery. Currently only shipping eggs, adults are available for local pickup.
Name:Oleg Klochko, White Oaks Hatchery
Location:Philadelphia, PA
Selling:we carry quail, ornamental pheasants, peacocks, turkeys and chukars.
Name:Pavel Marchuk "PM3 Gamebirds"
Location:Philadelphia, PA
Selling:Eggs, Chicks, and Adults of Button Quail, African Harlequin Quail, California Valley Quail, Texas Blue Scaled Quail, Various Coturnix Quail, White Bobwhite Quail, Snowflake Bobwhite Quail, and possibly others.
Mutations:Please Inquire
Shipping:Local Pickup & USPS
Notes:Hobby Breeder of Quail and Exotic Pheasants, have many Unrelated Bloodlines
Name:Tracey Nolan-Lehr
Location:Kintnersville P.A.
Selling:Adult birds, chicks and eggs
Mutations:Eggs mixed, many colored chicks and adults including black; email for availability
Shipping:Not available (pickup only)
Name:Alyssa Forster
Location:Johnstown, PA 15905
Mutations:every single color including the rare color black
Shipping:I ship all year round, but I only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays; that way they don't get stuck in a post office.
Name:Four Season Publications
Location:Honesdale, PA
Selling:Button Quail & Fertile Eggs
Mutations:Many Varieties, Inquire
Shipping:Possibly, Inquire


Name:Gregory Bowman
Location:Bristol, Tennessee
Selling:Eggs, chicks, and adults.
Mutations:Blue breasted, red breasted, Silver, splash, tuxedo, blue face, cinnamon, white.
Shipping:Eggs yes. Chicks or adults are pick up.
Name:Betty Seabourn, Adventure Birds of Bon Aqua
Location:9600 Hwy 46, Bon Aqua, TN 37025
Selling:Young and Mature Button Quail
Mutations:Handsome males, and lovely females in fabulous colors.


Name:Jerry and Jeannine Ayers
Location:Atlanta, TX
Web Site:J & J Poultry
Selling:Button Quail along with other Game Birds, Water Fowl, and Chickens
Name:Jimmy and Glenda Sharp
Location:Central TX
Selling:Adults and Eggs
Shipping:Continental US
Name:Illusion's Pheasants and Poultry
Tomzie Steele, Skylar Steele, and Carolyn Doss
Location:Springtown, TX
Website:Under Construction:
Notes:Check for availability for mutations. We have almost every one but few of certain ones.
Have started birds, laying birds, and eggs to ship. Email to make sure I can ship to your area for live birds.
We also raise exotic chickens, pheasants, Texas A&M quail, Dark Range quail, and large coturnix quail in small quantities.


Name:Stephanie Lopez
Location:Norfolk, Va.
Selling:Parent raised adult birds, six weeks and older.
Mutations:I have several mutations.
Shipping:I ship USPS if Postal service permits.
Notes:I have been breeding finches and button quail for 8 years.


Name:Dan Schneeberger
Location:Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Notes:I have buttons and eggs for sale will ship at buyers expense.
Name:Paul Sherwood
Location:2713 3-Mile Rd., Racine, WI 53404
Name:Steve Wolenec
Location:11079 hwy 14 Mazomanie, WI 53560
Notes:I am a hobby breeder, so generally have only a small number of extra birds. Please call or email for availability.


Name:Karl and Kathy Milner
Location:86 Coyote Trail, Gillette, WY 82716
Selling:Hatching eggs, day old chicks, adults, and breeding trios.
Notes:Currently we handle around 500 eggs per week.



Name:Susan Trudell
Location:Alberta, Canada
Name:Perry Schofield "P & L Gamebirds"
Location:DeBolt, Alberta, Canada
Selling:Button Quail and Coturnix quail eggs and adult birds available to ship as of the 1st of May, 2003.
Mutations:Red Breasted, Normal, Silver, Whites
Shipping:Within Canada only at buyers expense
Notes:All birds sold are young pairs unless otherwise noted. Trios are available. Buttons are my favorite Quail, but I also raise and ship 3 colors of Coturnix and 14 types of Pheasants. Always interested in trading for new bloodlines or new colors.
Name:Mads Lund
Location:Innisfail, Alberta, Canada
Phone:403-886-7806; fax: 403-227-2699
Mutations:Normals, silvers, cinnamons, whites, red-breasted, pearls, and all of the colour combinations between the colours and the patterns.

British Columbia

Name:Hugh Grinyer
Location:Cobble hill, BC
Selling:chinese painted quail (button quail). We have adults, young pairs, and fertile eggs on occasion. We also have coturnix quail - see notes section below.
Mutations:silver red breasted, slate, white, pied, silver tuxedo, normals, silver pearl, cinnamon, red breasted, and wilds. Other colors may be available on occasion please enquire.
Shipping:local pickups available. Will ship eggs at buyers expense within Canada only. Contact for any special arrangements.
Notes:All our buttons are sourced from within Canada. Currently we have 4 different lines we are working with, from unrelated stock. We enjoy our birds and raise poultry as well.

We are also now raising cotournix quail, we have several colors including silvers from Perry Schofield lines. Including the blue egg layer gene. Hatching eggs available at this time. Please contact for prices and shipping.

Name:Nicole Simpson "My Feathered Friends"
Location:Ladysmith, BC Canada
Website:My Feathered Friends
Selling:Young Breeding pairs, eggs on occasion
Mutations:Red breasted, normals , silvers and fawn
Shipping:Ship across Canada only at buyers expense
Notes:All birds sold are young banded pairs unless otherwise noted. I am a breeder and exhibitor of my Button Quail and take great pride in showing them off.


Farm Name:Lattimerlane
Contact:Joanna Lattimer
Location:Ontario, Canada
Selling:Chinese Blue Breasted Quail. Young adults & eggs available most of the year. Also have Coturnix trios & eggs.
Mutations:Many colours available with our buttons. Coturnix: we have wild & english whites.
Shipping:pick-ups & local deliveries. Shipping: contact us for possible arrangements & details.
Notes:All of our quail have come from Canadian stock. Our breeding program ensures your Button & Coturnix purchases are unrelated.
Location:Toronto, ON
Phone:416 803 8808
Selling:Button Quail, California Valley Quail and Gambel Quail, Adult birds only.
Mutations:regular, red fronted, silver, speckled and white
Shipping:Local pick up or delivery. Shipping for orders over $150.

Prince Edward Island

Name:Wingin' It Aviary
Location:Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
Selling:Button Quail eggs and adult birds.
Mutations:Red Breasted, Normal, Silver, Whites, Tuxedo, Darth Vader, and many more.
Shipping:Eggs only and within Canada at buyers expense via xPressPost.
Notes:All birds sold are free range and young pairs unless otherwise noted.


Name:Michael Carbno "Diogenoir Poms and ND's"
Location:Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Selling:Eggs and adult birds
Mutations:Red Breasted, Normal, Silver, Whites
Shipping:Within Canada only at buyers expense and as weather permits

United Kingdom

Name:K Berard
Mutations:Normal , Silver , Cinnamon , White , Pied.
Notes:Pairs , Live Eggs.
Name:Bill Moore
Mutations:Please inquire as to Buttons. Additionally, I have Californians, gambels, African harlequin, blue scaled and bob whites in all mutations.
Notes:I have been breeding quail for over 20 years as a hobby.


Name:Robert Lingard
Location:Lismore, NSW, Australia
Selling:Eggs, adults (seasonally dependent, of course)
Mutations:Normal, silver, cinnamon, grizzle, bronze, grey iris (Colours for sale are combinations of the various mutations and include such novelties as barred ivories, caramels and brizzles.)
Selling:By arrangement

South Africa

Location:Melkbos, Cape Town
Selling:fertile and non-fertile eggs
Mutations:Silver, silver redbreasted, cinnamon, cinnamon redbreasted
Shipping:Local only, within South Africa

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